Tech Expo 2019

Student Showcase — Computer Science Projects

Advanced Computer Science (Forms V & VI)

In Advanced Computer Science, students continue to develop their computational thinking via JavaScript. This year-long course prepares students for the AP CS Principles tasks and exam, and college-level CS coursework with object-oriented programming. Each student creates an original final project based on topics of interest developed over the month of May.

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Introduction to Computer Programming (Form IV)

The introductory Form IV course is a one-semester, half-credit class designed to explore the world of computer science and programming. Students develop their skills with JavaScript to enhance the basic foundational skills learned in Form III Computer Science.

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Computer Science & Engineering (Form III)

In Form III, students continue to learn the basics of text-based coding with JavaScript using CodeHS, an online learning platform. Concepts covered include declaring variables and functions, control statements, iteration, conditional statements, and decomposition.

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Computer Science & Engineering (Form I)

In Form I, coding is approached as an important and evolving form of literacy. Throughout the year CodeHS is used to study and practice web design with HTML, CSS, skills, crucial to success in multiple settings, are built into class time so students begin to develop communication, collaboration, and resourcefulness useful for computing.

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Computer Science & Engineering (Grade 6)

In Grade Six, the boys focus laying the foundation needed throughout Middle and Upper School. Keyboarding will be emphasized in the first part of the semester and will be constantly developed throughout the year. The boys will be using, a JavaScript-based platform to learn the basics of coding through building interactive games.

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